DJ Cory

We've all seen a movie where a guy is a cop...and his dad is a cop...and his brother is a cop, etc. Well, Cory is a DJ...his dad is a DJ...his brother is a DJ...his friends are all DJ's...the guy can't get enough! Cory balances his life as a father of 4, and the full time DJ at Michaels Grill & Lounge in Spruce Grove.

Cory was a DJ before he could drive; he loves his job and it shows. His energy, charm, and personality shine when he grabs that mic. Though no one has seen it all, Cory has come close. He has been the DJ for countless events, including weddings, schools, corporate parties, and bars. His music knowledge is rivaled by none.

If you are shopping for a DJ where you look at your guest list and think, "I don't know what my crowd likes", Cory is the DJ for you!