DJ John

John is the owner of Elegance Entertainment. With over 20 years in the industry, John knows DJ's...and he knows parties. This hobby that he loves so much resulted in his own company. John is one of those people that works hard and plays hard...and being a DJ is the best of both worlds.

There aren't many people that wake up and get excited about their job, but John sure does...every Saturday morning. What John can do for a party, is like what CPR can do for a fallen victim. His energy is infectious...contagious!

John could probably tell you how many weekends he has taken off in the last 20 years. His passion for entertainment has resulted in countless requests for his services. Up until this website existed, John's only form of advertisement was word of mouth...and that has always been enough.

John is truly one of the best. If you want the most fun you've ever had at a party, ask for John!