DJ Spence

Having made his way into the industry by accident, Spencer is the rookie on the team having started in 2003. Although he hasn't accumulated the years that John and Cory have, he's been to speak.

Spencer has remained an active DJ for two companies and very quickly assembled an impressive resume of events. He has made two appearances at the Juno's as the DJ on the Red Carpet along side Red Carpet party co-host, Norm Shaw of Request (another local based mobile entertainment company). In 2007 at the first annual awards banquet for the Alberta Association of Mobile Entertainers, Spencer was the runner up for DJ of the Year - Under 5 Years. Spence also has experience hosting other events such as Music Trivia - a favorite at corporate events.

Spencer is one of those DJ's that feeds off of the energy of the crowd...and the harder they party, the better he gets. His ability to read a crowd in almost unmatched. Armed with an impressive music knowledge of hits ranging from the 50's to today, Spencer is sure to keep your party moving...and if you need a DJ that knows country....stop right now - you've found your guy.